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Midget, Magna and Magnette 1929-1936


All you need to know about the Register and how to get on the Grid.

The Triple-M Register
The Triple-M Register is a part of the M.G. Car Club, one of the largest and longest established one-make car clubs in the world. The name derives from the ohc-engined MG Midget, Magna and Magnette cars built from 1929 to 1936 – hence ‘Triple-M’.
For over 50 years the M.G. Car Club Triple-M Register has been looking after the interests of the pre-war overhead cam M.G. models and helping owners throughout the world keep their cars on the road.By maintaining a register of all known cars, we can preserve their history and provenance, whilst offering access to the best technical and spares expertise available anywhere.
Whether you are already enjoying Triple-M ownership or just thinking about it, the register will have something to offer you. By joining the M.G. Car Club you automatically become a member of The Triple-M Register and you can be sure that you are doing the best for your car.
A detailed description of the purpose and operation of the Register, the guidelines applicable to listing and inclusion in the Register and the allocation of Register numbers are given on the website.
There are four main annual Triple-M Register awards, designed to encourage owners of Triple-M cars to use them for the purpose that they were designed competition!
The primary award The Car Of The Year otherwise known as COTY, covers all types of event, including marshalling, where Triple-M cars are involved. As the name implies, the points scored are for the car not the driver.
There are also three specific awards where the driver scores the points:-
  • The Slade Trophy, which is for trialling.
  • The Speed Championship, sprints and hill climbs.
  • The Racing Challenge "The Betty Haig Cup" , which is specifically for racing
Championship Tables
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Webiste Policy

Through the MG Car Club
you will have access to the largest group of MG fans in the world. Club members share your enthusiasm for MG cars of every type and generation. Club members get together to enjoy MG themed events, including racing and other competitions.

The Triple-M Register is part of the MG Car Club. For more information, Click on the badge for access to the MGCC Website.

Race Coordinator
Triple-M Racing
Triple-M Racing is simply the racing section of the register. We are here to coordinate and suport racers at a number of events in the UK with the MGCC and the VSCC
If you have any questions please feel free to contact Mark Dolton, Triple-M race coordinator. Mark is also an active racer in his 1935 PB. [email protected]

Possibly the only time I ll get my hands on the Marry Harris Trophy!

VSCC Racing

We are very lucky to have a great relationship with the VSCC. The VSCC host a number of race meetings thoughout the year, and you will find Triple-M Racers out and about at every event. The VSCC also host the MG vs Austin Challenge for the Register. In 2016 we were at Cadwell Park and hope to be back in 2017.

VSCC Website
Getting to the Start Line
Preparing your car
  • Fire extinguishers are mandatory. These must be a minimum of 1.75 litres of AFFF or other  FIA/MSA approved system (CHECK MSA CHANGES 2018).
  • Oil Catch Tank 2ltr
  • Water Catch Tank 1ltr
  • High Visability Rain Light
  • Tow points marked front and rear
  • Oil Sump plugs wired
  • Ignition Cut out marked
  • Batteries secure and enclosed
  • Yellow & Black Cross for Novices
  • Orange Dayglow discs for non pump fuel
  • Noise restrictions, most events are 105db
Any event on a race track, requires a Race Licence. Depending on the event differing Race Licence standards will be required. You must first apply to the MSA for a "Go Racing" Pack which will cost around  £59. The pack contains  among other information a "MSA Competitors' Yearbook", a DVD and a novice application form. The pack contains simple instructions on the procedure for obtaining a Race National B Licence; there is an additional fee for this which is approx. £53. Novice (new) racing drivers will be obliged to undergo a half day training course at one of the Association of Racing Drivers’ Schools (ARDS) before they can obtain a National B Licence.  These are run at most of the circuits and cost approximately £200/300. If you pass you will have a Race National B Licence and can enter most all of our listed race meetings. Budget at least £400 for helmet and overalls.
MSA Competition Licenses Required
  • Club Races - National B
  • Trophy Races - National B or A
  • 50’s Sports-Cars - National B or A

Specialist Clothing Required
  • Overalls - Minimum standard: FIA 8856-2000
  • Helmet - Minimum standard BS6658 Type A/FR (Not valid after 31/12/2015)
  • Flame Resistant Gloves: mandatory
  • Flame Resistant Shoes: mandatory
  • Strongly Recommended: flame resistant socks, balaclavas and underwear
Please check MSA Blue Book for confirmation
Click here for more information from the MSA Website



Triple-M Website and Forums
We are very lukcy to have access to a host of information including history,& techincal details on our cars through the Triple-M Website and forums.
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MSA Starter Packs
Triple-M Library Shop
The Triple-M Register library exists to assist owners, and enthusiasts, of the 1929 – 1936 OHC Midget, Magna and Magnette models. The library is non-profit making but self supporting and can only produce items as funds allow.
All sorts of great products are available including some fantsatic Books, The Triple-M Year Book and clothing.