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Speed Events - Sprints and Hill Climbs

2018 Triple-M Register
Speed Championship

Photos: Colin Murrell

Hills and Sprints,
Getting Started!

Hills and Sprints are a fantastic way to start your Motorsport Adventure but also an incredibly competitive and technical discipline to master. Race against the clock, on your own, in classes specific to your car.

To enter speed events such as Wiscombe or Prescott the license standards are lower than racing and don’t require any formal assessment.

To apply for a licence, apply to the MSA or download the application forms from the MSA website There is no application fee or test for this. Just complete the form and pay the licence fee which is approx. £45. Some hill climb venues, such as Prescott, offer training days but these are not compulsory. Budget at least £400 for helmet and overalls. See pages 156-195 of the ‘Blue Book’ for more information

MSA Competition Licenses Required
Non Race National B

Specialist Clothing Required
Overalls: Minimum standard FIA 8856-2000 or FIA 1986 Standard
Helmet: Minimum standard FIA8860-2004 (not valid after 31/12/20), FIA 8860-2010, FIA 8859-2015, SNELL SA2005 (not valid after 31/12/1), SNELL SA2010 (not valid after 31/12/23), SNELL SA2015 (not valid after 31/12/2), SNELL SAH2010 (not valid after 31/12/23), SFI Foundation 31.1A, 31.2A (not valid after 31/12/18).
Flame Resistant Gloves: Mandatory

Other Requirements
Fire extinguishers are recommended by the MSA but mandated by the Club. These must be a minimum of 1.75 litres of AFFF other FIA/MSA approved system and may be split into two smaller containers where mounting difficulties occur.

Organising Clubs

We are fortunate to have our lead clubs in the MGCC and the VSCC, but there are also a host of opportunites elsewhere to compete. Be it in the UK or in Europe.
We will try to list the events here on this site. for Entries for the MGCC and VSCC Events please click below:

2018 Events
  1. April 26th
    Manx Classic
    Hill Climb
    3 Day Event
  2. 6th May
    VSCC Curborough Speed Trials
  3. 13th May
    VSCC Wiscombe Park
    Hill Climb
  4. 2nd June
    Hill Climb
  5. 16th June
    VSCC Brooklands
  6. 1st July
    VSCC Shelsley Walsh
    Hill Climb
  7. 4th August
    VSCC Prescott
    Hill Climb
    2 Day Event
  8. 18th August
    VSCC Goodwood
  9. 8th September
    VSCC Loton Park
    Hill Climb
  10. 9th September
    VSCC Loton Park
    Hill Climb
  11. 22nd September
    VSCC Snetterton
  12. 29th September
    VSCC Prescott Long Course
    Hill Climb